Hi it’s Flavour Trip, we also go by Amii and Jimmi. In August 2022 we packed up our bags, kissed our cozy home goodbye, and embarked on this adventure we call Flavour Trip. We left our home to become travelling nomads and to taste new flavours, make new experiences and create ever lasting memories. We are djing our hearts out in our favourite places on our journey. Whether it's the great outdoors or the cozy indoor hideaways, we're there, spinning those house music tunes. But here's the twist - while we're mixing on the decks, we’re also cooking up some delights. It's like a culinary dance party.
Our mission is to remind you of the most important things in life: good music, good food and good company. Hop on board! We're taking you on a tasty music trip that'll tickle all your senses. It's all about sharing moments of expression, contagious joy, and harmonious vibes. We truly believe that this world needs more simplicity and togetherness.

So, what do you say? Come join us as we dig through undiscovered house records, groove through the mountains and seas, savour some fine flavours, and build a community that grooves together, chews together, and most importantly, sticks together. This is the Flavour Trip you don't want to miss!